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Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Val, my mate from work is leaving the company. Well, 'tis more like she's been made redundant... that makes me sad because she was a very good friend of mine and specially someone I just loved working with! We'd keep talking, all the time, about anything and you just wouldn't see the time go by.... now there's that new girl who arrived yesterday afternoon... she's called Mina and ... erm, well, I usually do not judge people so fast but I don't like that girl. Perhaps it's because she's taking my friends place here and I kind of blame her for that... even though I am perfectly aware that it isn't her fault at all! The Looney Boss is a real bastard (sorry for being rude !!!) ... she didn't even tell Val about her departure until ... well, yesterday! She came to us with that girl and said... " Girls, may I introduce you to the new receptionist who's going to take Val's place at the end of her contract?!?! " ..... I was gob smacked I must tell you because none of us was expecting it! Honestly... that's too sad! I'll make sure I tell her wasI really think of her bloody self before I leave the company at the end of June !!!

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