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Monday, May 12, 2003

Seems like ages since I last updated my blog … okae, it’s only been 4 days ! But still I think that’s too much. The thing is that I don’t have internet at home so the only way I have to post is to use the pc at the office! I do have a computer now … got it last saturday and I’m still all excited about it! What a kid … shame I don’t have internet! I was thinking about subscribing again but then I realized there’s no point in doing so if I’m moving to London within a couple of months. Well… I guess I’ll have to subscribe once I am settled!
Anyway, it’s been a relaxing week-end … on saturday I went for a blood test in the morning, then my sister came and picked me up for her echography. T’was amazing actually, to see that tiny baby inside her tummy! It kept moving… I could see the heart, the wee hands and feet… unfortunately, the doctor said it was too soon to know whether it’s a boy or a girl! Damn, I really was disappointed not to be able to know … I mean, at home we’ve all been waiting for ages to know it but to tell you the truth everybody’s pretty sure it’s a girl! My brother-in-law keeps saying that we are going to be disappointed if it’s a boy! That’s for sure … my sister already has 2 boys so that’s normal we’re all expecting a girl !!!
Whatever, in the afternoon I went to the local mall to collect my computer. Then went back home and tried to put everything in order…. Hard time I can say! WHY does it have to have so many parts in a pc, huh ? Managed to fix it a couple of hours later though so I left to my aunts to collect all the information on my site I left in her pc … and headed back home to install it in mine!
And after a year without viewing it, I’ve been able to watch “Detroit Rock City” and my KISS dvd … aww, dear, I had missed it! Had forgotten how funny it was …
On sunday I’ve finished copying these videos for Nando that I promised him a while ago, included the choccies (loads of them … T’was hard to resist, I really wanted to eat them all … * giggles * ), the colour copies of the “rabbit” and “penguins” Sack Trick albums and the Wacken 2002 double CD … hope he enjoys it !

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