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Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Left work earlier. Yeah, yeah … once again ! The Looney Boss wasn’t very pleased… but hey, what the hell can I do about it! It’s my health after all !! Went to the doctor because of that cyst problem I’ve got in my throat! Well, what can I say … he didn’t look very pleased with the results of the echography done last week and looked pretty worried! He told me to go visit one of his colleagues for another echography and a cyst poction . Obviously, I didn’t even know what a poction was so he explained that the doctor was going to use some kind of very thin switch and put it through my throat in order to take I don’t remember what and have it analysed. Once we have the results, he’ll decide if I’ve got to have surgery or not !!! So well … I just hope it doesn’t hurt! I mean, he’s going to put a bloody switch through my throat ….. urghhh !!!

Anyway, something funny happened yesterday during my lunch time! I left for a walk outside and was about to enter a shop when suddenly a very, very tall guy stood still in front of the door and wouldn't let me in. To tell you the truth I don’t think he even noticed I was standing in front of him. Whatever, as I said, I was trying to make my way into the shop and as he wouldn’t move I was like “Erm, will you excuse me sir … am trying to go in!” ….. silence from above …….. “woohooo … hello ?!?” ……… silence again (by then I was really getting angry I can tell you) … what have I done ? Well … I kind of raised my voice to make sure he’d hear me “ Hey you up there …. Mister “I’m as tall as a tower” … ah ha ….. a look from above ……… “didn’t you notice there’s a dwarf trying to make her way through THAT door you are standing in front of ?!?!” ………… he looked at me with a puzzled look and out of the blue started to laugh his head off ……. Well, obviously I couldn’t resist and started laughing as well. He said he was sorry that he didn’t see me but it was my fault because I was so tiny …. mmmfffff ……. am not that small actually !!!! Anyway, to apologize he invited me for a drink …….. no need to tell you I didn’t go ! Weird guys in Paris, huh ?!?!

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