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Tuesday, May 06, 2003

It's hunting time baby! Todae I've started flat/house/maisonette hunting ... damn, i had already forgotten how boring it was; and very frustrating! The thing is... there are loads of places to rent that look absolutely brilliant but the problem is... they are bloody expensive !!!! Argh ... what's more, altho' they look amazing they don't exactly fit my criterias ... wooden floors, double glazing, central heating, bah, blah, blah ... and aren't situated in the area Allie and I choose ! Most of them are either in the city center but that costs a hell of a lot (am not a millionaire ME ... I can't pay £400 a week for a 2 double-bedroom flat! That's INSANE !!!)... or up North. And we don't want to go up north US ... we have to go West ... I don't know, areas like Acton, Northfields, Chiswick (yeah I know I'm dreaming .... *pulls tongue* ...), hounslow, etc ... well, basically close to Heathrow airport! But agin, I don't want to go further than zone 3 ... so well, that's pretty difficult to find !
I was thinking about contacting some estate agents but again they are all rippers ..... damn !!! Never mind ... I'll keep searching and will sure keep you up to date with what I've found!

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