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Thursday, May 22, 2003

I hate job application forms… where’s the point in filling them out if you have to enclose a CV, huh ? That’s utterly stupid … and a real waste of time! I’ve registered in every single job site I found in the internet, all of them requesting CVs (obviously), cover letters AND job applications forms to be filled in. I guess that’s okay to do so when there are just a few questions but some of them had pages and pages of questions … 2 hours to answer them all, I could be applying for something else with the time I wasted doing it! Well, so far I have applied for about 10 jobs and posted my CV online … good start! I can’t really do much while I am at the office… not very professional to apply for another job when you already have one, eh ?!?!

Anyway, on my way home yesterday I passed by a fruit shop that was selling cherries … have been waiting to eat cherries for almost a year so obviously I got myself a whole bag and brought them home. Aww… you should have seen the delight in their faces. Seemed to me they had never seen cherries in their entire life. Well, actually I was pretty happy with it to0 … I so much love cherries (and besides of being delicious you can also use them as earrings … * giggles * … !!!). I was so delighted with my cherries that I had cherries for diner… I know, I know… not very healthy but hum … delicious !!!! Add almost a bottle of coke and you get the perfect meal… nah, just kidding !!! Result this morning? A massive tummy ache cuz of drinking too much coke and completely starving because of a very, very light diner meal !!!
Yeah I know that’s my fault … the only one guilty is me !!!

Whatever……. Have watched the Celtics vs Porto football game … well, what can I say? Both teams played brilliantly thru all the game but Porto won. Dad was so damn happy with it… he’s a massive Porto FC. Supporter. I wanted the Celtics to win … but I have to admit that they have an amazing game tactic! Congratulations I’ll say … speaking of footie, it makes me remind of the European cup back in 2000 …… France vs Portugal …….. war at home, believe me or not ! Girls supporting the French team and boys supporting the Portuguese one … honestly, when that guy from the Portuguese team was expelled from the game I thought dad was going to break something !!! Woohooo ….. scary !!! Eventually we WON the cup … and dad didn’t speak to us for a whole week … * laughs * …. Ahhh, football drives people nuts. What do you think ?!?!

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