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Friday, May 23, 2003

Damn it, damn it, damn it ….. am so angry this morning, and frustrated! I just hate when the day starts like this! First, I tried to check whether I had new comments on my blog … it just wouldn’t work at all. When I finally managed to enter the site, the comments thing had vanished from the page! WHY, why, why ??????? Well, found out the remote server for the comments box wasn’t working anymore. I managed to find another one, and so far it looks good but ALL MY COMMENTS HAVE DISAPPEARED !!!!!! * cries * …… I can’t believe that! You can’t trust the net anymore, can you ?

What’s more, I visited that nuns site I talked about a while ago. I am furious! First, they delete posts and threads without warning, second, you can’t talk about you please … you HAVE to talk about what THEY fancy… and third, you can’t even choose the language you want to talk in … I can’t believe that! They’re worse than dictators in there …
Obviously I told them what I thought about their f***ing behaviour! Now they take it or they leave it. If they want to have such a childish behaviour, it’s their own problem …. Am still the master of my own actions so if I feel like speaking English in their bloody forum then I’ll do, no matter what! I know I keep complaining but if he goes on like this then he’ll end up forbidding us to breath !!!

Okay, have calmed down now … am still gob smacked when I look at the picture in my last entry! I mean, I knew Reuben was a very good-looking chap but honestly … he’s completely gorgeous in that picture. I probably shouldn’t be saying it but he’s got such a cute baby face! I think it looks sweet… even with the beard, specially WITH the beard !!!
Now….. I feel kind of guilty because I told him I thought he looked older than 24 when I first met him! He doesn’t actually … he looks his age or perhaps a little younger?!?!
………. * sighs * ……… am wondering what he’s doing right now ?!?! Sometimes I really wish I was a fly ……

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