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Monday, May 26, 2003

Could someone please tell me why a week-end only lasts 2 days ? Honestly, two days aren’t enough if you put into consideration the fact that on Saturdays you usually do the house-work that you can’t do during week time, you’ve got shopping to do and other important things that have to be done, no matter what. Then on Sundays, you’ve got family lunch, and God knows how exhausting it is, and then you meet up with your mates …….. sooo, when do you find the time to rest properly, huh? I believe week-ends should be a day longer than usual … what do you guys think? The worst is that if you don’t find the time to rest during the week-end, then week time seems much longer because you’re even more tired than usual, which means that if you don’t rest properly during the coming week-end then it will be even worse … are you still with me? … that’s a VICIOUS circle !!!!

All this to say that I am tired…… * giggles * ……… yeah, yeah, busy week-end again! I hate house work, really! Why do women always have to do it, huh? That’s bloody unfair …. And why’s the cooking always left to us? Had one of those crazy family lunches last Sunday… and obviously I was the one on duty … barbecue meal with no less than 3 main courses … t’was insane! I thought I was going to choke with all the smoke! And why do they always speak about the same old stories? I hate it when they do that……. “So Katie, what do you think about it?” ….. damn, have told them a thousand times …. I don’t even reply anymore. There’s ONE question that always comes back … “Katie…. Erm, how come you don’t have a boyfriend yet?” ……. Well, actually that’s a statement more than a question. Sometimes I just get the urge to tell them am a lesbian (erm… which I’m not or else I wouldn’t be fantasising on Reuben, obviously !!!!)… the thing is: if I say so, am afraid my nan will have a heart attack … and it isn’t worth it!!! Instead I just (ironically) tell them that I’m still waiting for the Charming Prince … well, that isn’t exactly the truth but at least they stop questioning me!

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