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Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Allie called me to say I had a message from a hotel in South Kensigton for which I applied a couple of days ago ! Hurray…. 3 times hurray !!! Well, she gave me the number to call her back but I didn’t manage to get thru her yesterday. When I got home to call her back she had already left… damn !!! Result, I could barely sleep last night… am sooooo nervous! Anyway, tried again this morning … I did manage to have her on the phone but she had an appointment so she’s calling me back before 1.30 pm ……. Woohooo, now I am more than nervous, am completely petrified !!! This morning mom was like … “c’mon luv’, you just gotta relax and everything will be fine” ….. yeah right, easy to say, huh ?!? So well, am kind of waiting for her call, all shaky … ~__~ …….. but I’ll let you know how it goes !

Also, that girl from the French estate agency in London called me today … left a message so I called her back! She was not at the office so I just left a message…….
She wanted to let us know she had a brilliant (that’s what she said) flat to rent in Ealing city center…. How cool is that? The thing is ….. where’s Ealing, huh ? I’ve visited the website to have a look at the flat and waw, waw, waw ……. It’s awesome, I love it !!! Although I think it’s a bit expensive… but I’ll see with her once she calls me back !!!

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