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Monday, April 14, 2003

Watched the news this morning and what I saw didn’t please me at all ! Bush’s threatening Syria … I can’t believe that! But what the hell is he trying to do, huh ? Doesn’t he think there have been enough innocent victims to his crime ? If that’s a 3rd World War that he wants, he’s surely going to have it if he goes on behaving like a complete loon … B****rd !!!
Also, some war prisoners have been freed from Iraqi soldiers… The US government is treating them like heroes! I don’t think they are, personally ! I mean, they HAVE been courageous and they deserve a good treat but they are not heroes! That’s their job to fight for peace (well, they are supposed to !)…
Last week, in southern France, 2 little boys have saved a baby girl who fell from a window … THAT is heroism !!!

Anyway… this week-end’s been so damn busy! Saturday morning, my sister (the eldest one), a mate and myself went Wedding dress shopping… we’ve walked about 5 miles around Paris to check every single shop in town! We finally ended up finding her dream dress… that was so beautiful and it fitted her perfectly… just like a second skin !!! As usually, my mate and I have been fooling around and we were so excited that we wanted to try on some dresses too… you know, just to imagine what it would be like to have our own as well! Obviously, I went for the most expensive one in the shop … but Jesus, That dress was the most beautiful and amazing thing I had ever seen in my whole life. It was white and pale pink with rose petals stuck to it… just imagine a princess’ dress in a faery tale !!! Absolutely gorgeous … ^__^ … I WANT it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, here's the dress my sister chose ...

Whatever, I shall go back to work now … damn! I am bored beyond the Valley of Boredom and into the Universe of the Dull !!! Please someone save me !!!!

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