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Wednesday, April 16, 2003

The sun is shining, the birds are singing …. It’s such a beautiful day! I wish I could leave work earlier so I could have a walk around. Am not sure the Looney boss is going to be alright though … oh well, never mind, the week-end is coming ! And what’s more, I’ve got a huge window just in front of me so I can admire the beauty of the day! The best in the situation is that I van view without being viewed … so that guy who’s been picking his nose for almost 10 minutes hasn’t spotted me yet…

Anyway, Timmy the dog is feeling much, much better… well, he seems to, obviously I can’t be a 100% sure as he can’t speak yet !!!! But at least he isn’t sick anymore… which is brilliant because I’ve managed to sleep a few hours! The thing is, Timmy is feeling much better and I’m the one with fever this morning … my head is hurting and spinning around and I feel sick! Am wondering whether I should go to the doctors or wait a couple of days … * thinks deeply * …. Nah, I’ll wait! Have got a party tomorrow and I don’t want to miss it !!! The party is held in Joinville … which, in English, means Spliff Town or Pot Town … how silly is it ?!?! Vair much indeed … you don’t have the idea to name a town with such a meaningful name … well, personally I wouldn’t mind living in that town …

Whatever… am having some kind of problem just now. There’s that guy I really fancy the pants of… the thing is that sometimes I can be very shy and it ruins everything! Damn … I really got to find a solution. The worst is that usually am pretty much self-confident and very chatty so why do I have to loose all my means, huh ???

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