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Friday, April 11, 2003

Strange things happen... specially to me !!!

Had a strange dream last night ... dreamt I was in some kind of garden, sunbathing and relaxing when suddenly a huge sandwich ... much taller than me, started running towards me ... it had the biggest teeth i had ever seen in my life and a horrible vicious look in his huge red eyes (yes, yes... it DID have a pair of eyes and a mouth with massive yellow teeth ... urghh !!!)... anyway, so that sandwich started to run towards me yelling that I had to be punished ....... I started running the fastest I could and looked behind to check if it was still following me... it wasn't so I stopped, when suddenly when I turned around he was facing me with a hideous grin in his face and said: " Who do you think you are trying to escape from? Know that nobody can escape from Mister Fat Sandwich... soon, you'll be mine!" ....... and then the image slowly faded away and i woke up ............ in front of the fridge !!! Can you believe that? I was standing in front of it with the door open..... damn! Now I am a sleepwalker ... d'oh !!! Honestly, am wondering whether this has something to do with the fact that I am on a diet ?!?!

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