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Thursday, April 10, 2003

Puppies and choccie ... not a very good couple !

My bros hand is better... well, he says so but he still complains all the time! Now we all juz pretend we don't hear him and he eventually stops groaning !!! He was mad because i didn't cook for him ... i had promised you see but I had a meeting with a mate after work and when i got home dad had already cooked. That was very good actually ... spanish pasta, he calls it ... but to be honest it didn't really taste spanish! Whatever ...

When i got back home yesterday, my puppy was behaving really strange... well, he looked over excited to see me coming back... he usually does that but that was worse yesterday! Anyway, so I've had diner and decided I'd go and walk Timmy (the puppy)...
we went outside and just in the back of my house there's a lot of sand in the ground. Suddenly I saw Timmy walking with his head on the ground ... weird i thought but juz told meself that it must have been because of the sand... perhaps it was annoying him ?!? From that moment on, I didn't really pay attention to what he was doing ...

But when we got back home, he juz didn't stop walking with his head on the floor... he'd kick his head on the walls, on the floor, against the doors ... believe me or not but i was starting to panic... i mean, it's definitely not normal for a dog to do that, is it ???
Suddenly i looked at my parents and they were laughing their heads off... asked them what the hell was going on but they juz wouldn't tell me!

Eventually they ended up admitting that it was their fault ... apparently, before leaving for work after lunch time, dad forgot to take the chocolates (the ones with alcohol inside) off the small table and Timmy ate them all ... the whole box! Can you believe that ???
My puppy was completely drunk ........ I couldn't help but laugh at the situation. Honestly, you don't see a drunken puppy twice in your life ....

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