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Monday, April 28, 2003

No news from him tihs morning ... why does that make me sad ?!? I'm definitely not normal! I keep complaining because he sends me mails but when it stops then it makes me feel sad! Damn, damn, damn !!!!! I think I am crazy ... that must be it! There must be a problem with me ! Oh jesus .... why, why, why ???... >__< ... I'm sure somehow I'll manage to forget, I just wish I could NOW !!!
Oh well ... never mind, will find myself a nice chap once I'm settled in London ! ^__^

Whatver... been shopping all day long on Saturday ... and I've finally found the perfect dress for my sister's wedding in June ... it's a long white dress and it just looks amazing ! I love it. I didn't want to take it at the beguining but my sister almost begged me to ... so well, she's the one getting married, right? So I guess she's got her word to say ... though, I AM the one wearing it! What if it didn't fit me, huh ? Tried it when I got home and they were all like: " Waw Katie ... you look like an angel dressed all in white !"... okae, I admit I turned all red !!! Anyway, Paris on a saturday is absolutely awful ! Too many peeps in there... there was a whole bunch of chinese guys in the center of Paris requesting to be provided with official administrative papers .... Oh dear, you should have seen my sister ... she kept hidding her month, too scared of getting the SRAS thing ... I've had a great laugh taking the mickey out off her !!!! She's insane ... and I thought I was crazy ... uh huh !!! ^__^ ...

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