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Monday, April 07, 2003

Nber of calories: 99 (very good)
Nber of Negative thoughts: 56 (to be improved)
Nber of positive thoughts: 2 (that's a good start, eh !)
Nber of ciggies since woke-up: 7
Nber of times thought about London: 192
Nber of times spent complaining about how difficult bass playing is: 999 (woohoooo ... too bad !!!)


Everything's pissing me off this morning. Today's definitely one of those days I should have stayed in bed complaining about my fate!
Damn, my job is seriously pissing me off ....... as boring as hell, people keep complaining this morning, everybody's shouting on the phone ... *sights* ... hopefully there're only 3 months left before I move to London! I can't wait ... last time have been there was last december for the Sack Trick gig... haven't visited since mainly because am trying to save up money for when I move in July ! Well, I guess if ST does a gig before july I'll have to go ..... obviously... am not gonna miss it, me !!! ... *grins*...

Whatever........ I am really, really angry at the moment. Was having a chat with my sister yesterday and she told me that my aunt (who I have the massive pleasure to name 'The fat cow') keeps pissing my granma off....... she really IS getting on my nerves! Where's the point in fighting over money ... I don't get that! She perfectly knows that granma has heart problems but still she won't leave her in peace ....'til she's resting 10 feet under. Bloody woman!
Am not a violent lady, me BUT if she dares doing that again ... i swear to God, Am going to kick her face !!! If she wants to face granma, she'll have to face me first ..... and when I am mad at someone I'm definitely not very nice, I can tell you .... *frowns* ... witch !!!

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