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Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Nber of calories: 53 (but didn't have lunch yet !!!)
Nber of Negative thoughts: 1 (Yeepeeehh)
Nber of positive thoughts: 62(much, much better !)
Nber of ciggies since woke-up: 7
Nber of times thought about London: 999
Nber of times spent complaining about how difficult bass playing is: 350 (some kind of improvment!!!)


To quit or not to quit ?
… that’s the main question you see ?!?! Was speaking about smoking in case you were wondering!
Been to the doctor’s a while ago to have my heart checked… result: nothing wrong with my lil’ heart but a blood pressure definitely too high… damn! He (the doctor – mister ‘I know-it-better-than-you-do-so-you’d-better-listen-to-me’) said I should quit smoking. Huh … and what the hell does he think I’m trying to do ?!? I mean, I KNOW I have to quit smoking but that’s so damn difficult when you’ve been a smoker for more than 10 years … I did give it a try though… managed to quit for a whole day, not a single ciggie … but then I can tell you I was sooo nervous… so I decided that I’d allow myself to smoke at least 1 ciggie per day (that ain’t gonna kill me, really !!!) … after 3 weeks I couldn’t hold it anymore. So I’ve quit quitting (does that make any sense ?!?)… but am gonna try again I guess because there’s no way am gonna pay £5 for it !!! I’m wondering if those special patches do really work ?!?

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