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Friday, April 25, 2003

Music: "Is this love" - Whitesnake

Here he goes again ... had another email from him this morning begging me to reply ! I don't know what to do, really! I am perfectly aware that if I reply to his mail it's gonna start another vivious circle and once again I'll be hurt! But it hearts no replying so I feel kinda lost right now !!! You can't really forget someone you've really loved and cared for, can you? And... that may sound completelly insane... even though I am absolutely sure I have no more feelings for him, it still hurts when he comes back! Am I being abnormal ?!? My sister says I am behaving like a masochist ... nice !!! Oh Jesus, this is really, really pissing me off. I'd like to get rid of his memory once and for all but I don't seem to find out how to do it !
Whatever, am not gonna go on forever with this silly stuff so I'll stop here.

So, how (very)idiot am I ? I've changed my blog layout and I absolutely love this one BUT as usually I screwed up with the archives page and I just don't seem to manage to fix it with the new layout !!! Damn .... I hate html codes ... chinese !!!!
Anyway, my stomach's giving me a really hard time once again so I'll just leave and shall speak to you later !

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