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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Left work earlier yesterday. Finally had an appointment to make that echography I've been speaking about. Got there at around 5.50 pm and the doctor asked me to undress. I didn't do as requested ... i mean, where's the point in undressing almost completely just to have a throat echography ... is he kidding or what ?!? So well... i didn't get undressed, just took off my shirt because I didn't want him to mess with it ! Anyway, did the echography and the doctor said my thyroid was bigger than last time, as well as my cyst ... and another one that has grown within the last 6 months! Damn it, damn it, damn it !!!!! Mom really seemed worried about it and made an appointment with my doctor tomorrow evening. Apparently the cysts should be removed because it can generate a throat cancer ! So now, tell me ... how scary is that, huh ? I could not sleep last night because I was feeling too nervous !!! I just the simple fact of speaking or even thinking of it gives me the urge to cry. I don't want to have surgery ... I'm scared of hospitals ! Oh Jesus ... why does it happen to me ?!?! ... >__<...

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