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Thursday, April 17, 2003

Just been out to buy a bottle of water. It was supposed to take just a couple of minutes as I had to go back to work … unfortunately, I’ve had the very bad luck to meet a bunch of Japanese tourists who started speaking to me. I’ll be honest with you… I didn’t understand a damn thing of what they were saying to me and the last thing I remember, they were all standing beside me taking loads of pictures. I felt so embarrassed so I told them I was in a hurry. Am not sure they got it because they kept taking pictures… … oh well, I’ll be famous in Japan ?!?!?! I’ll be a cartoon super star ….. weeeeeeeeeeehhh !!!!

Anyway, something weird is happening… got up this morning and my dog licked my feet (urghhh…), mom cuddled me (????) and dad kissed my forehead… everyone was so luvey dovey… how weird !!! I mean, this is not in their habits to do that… hum, perhaps they won the national lottery and they didn’t tell me ??? Or they want something from me… yeah, it has to be it!!! I’ll just give them a call to find out … back in a minute ...

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