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Tuesday, April 15, 2003

It's beautifully beautiful outside ...... sunny and hot .... just the perfect weather to wander in the park! I would if I wasn't stuck in this bloody office, doing a bloody stupid task with a bloody LOON as a Boss ... argh, what a life !!! Am tired, really tired this morning.... Timmy the Dog was sick all night long and I had to watch over him to make sure he was alright ... which wasn't the case, obviously, or else I would have slept at least a wee bit !!! He seemed better this morning ... how nice of him to let me go to work ... still, I guess I'd better take him to the vet this afternoon when I get back from the office!

Anyway, I've had that silly sandwich dream agaiiiiiiiin ...... how normal (NOT) is that? Is my psychic having some kind of internal conflict ? Or is it just my silly brain playing a really bad trick on me ? Mmm ... am wondering ! Should I worry about it ? Honestly, that's my silly-dreams period ... dreamt about Chris aswell (let me tell you ... this is absolutely NOT normal ...), he'd cut is long curly hair, really short and glued it to his chest, then he was like:"Do I look like a wolfman? Please... be honest with me!!!"... weird !!!
Silly beyond the Valley of Silliness ........ will get back to you as soon as I've switched to normal Kitty mode !!! In the meantime ... dudes and dudettes ... please, pray for my mental health !

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