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Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Damn, i'm feeling so tired this morning! i guess i haven't fully recovered from this week-end party with the girls. Oh dear... what a crazy night! There are moments i can't even remember... apparently we've been posting bullshit in every single forum we've found on the internet !!! Argh ... I let you imagine my shame when I discovered I'd posted silly messages in the Nando's forums .... d'oh! Have written things I shouldn't have ... mmmfff.... what a mess! I can't keep secrets when I'm drunk! I have to do something about it, really! It's getting dangerous ... *laughs* ... damn, Nando must be completely mad at me! I really, really have to apologize to him !
Whatever, I've got a massive headache... my head's about to explode so I'll post further tomorrow !!!

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