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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Awkward ? He sure is ...
Uh huh ... and I thought i was ... found worse than me! Who am I speaking about ? ... no other than my brother. He was working at the garage and don't know what the hell he was doing but he got a piece of metal through his hand... general panic.... he was taken to hospital where he had to be urgently operared. Well, everything's fine now, he juz has a few stitches and a mega swollen hand... *rolls eyes* ... we keep asking him how the hell he managed to do that but he juz ignores our questions... argh, men !!!
Obviously now he keeps complaining ALL the time ... I don't get that! I mean, I reckon it DOES hurt a hell of a lot BUT why does he keep pretending it doesn't hurt at all and 5 mns later he starts groaning ..... d'oh! Worse than a woman I can tell you ... for him to stop complaining, I had to promise him that I'd cook for him tonight ... damn !!! Am s'posed to go out with a mate ... *frowns*

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